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What is Weightlessness?

The art & science of unburdening.

Weightlessness is a comprehensive yet minimalistic approach to mind-body performance, designed to build more resilience to stress and presence to life. Weightlessness training is designed to unburden all that holds us back – empowering us to "show up" to what matters, and live with more power and grace.

Transformative Experiences

"The novice resists. The master floats." - A Weightlessness Saying

Rebekah L., Managing Director

It's hard to put into words the profound impact that the pursuit and practice of Weightlessness has had on me. The holistic approach - developing body, mind, and spirit in parallel - yields a fundamental shift in both performance and perspective. The tools and skills of Weightlessness make me stronger, better, and edgier, but at the same time bring peace and freedom at a level I never experienced before. I am still learning...still growing...but I believe that through the pursuit of Weightlessness I am discovering my best self.

Top-tuning precious resources.

Michael P., Venture Builder

As an entrepreneur I have learned that nothing happens when you're comfortable and at ease. I believe that most, if not all great leaps forward are forged in turmoil. With Weightlessness training I have never seen faster fitness results and certainly never been challenged as much. Tom's approach is devoid of hot air and six-minute abs nonsense. He goes well beyond the pure basics of mind and body fitness. He aims not only to restore mental and physical health and balance, but also to lay a foundation for awesome living by top-tuning your most precious resources. The pursuit of Weightlessness is by far the most meaningful conviction I have come across in my life.

Tools to find your way through anything.

James E., Branding Professional

This is unlike anything I’ve ever done before - possibly the most intense thing I’ve ever been through. My own abilities have change completely, my understanding of my own ability has changed completely. I’ve had to face failure in ways I’ve never had to do before, and I understand what a barrier now means to me. It’s not something I can never get past, it’s something I can find a way through.

Taking control of my life and enhancing the experience of everything.

Elodie K., Global Marketing Manager

I've never felt more anchored and grounded, and if I find that starting to slip I know how to get back there. The more I practice Weightlessness the faster I'm able to rebalance myself. Considering all the things I tried before this program to reach that first milestone - which did not work - it's a great achievement for me to finally be autonomous. The program has allowed me to clearly see what's inside me, and gain greater awareness of my thoughts and actions. I've begun to understand how mind and body work together and I discovered the power of having a concentrated mind. I've learned that I'm far from reaching the limit of this ability, but concentration alone - not to mention all the other facets of training - is improving all other facets of life. It enhances the experience of everything, and allows me take control of my life in an authentic way. I'm also more aware of the behavior of others without judging them, and am at peace with the decisions I make. Weightlessness is a lifestyle with endless possibilities!

Navigating complexity with more confidence.

Jonas R., Business Consultant

2018 was the most challenging year of my life, but I finished it with as much enthusiasm as when I started. Mid year I feared that for the first time in my life I would need to give up my dreams and find immediate work just to pay the bills. I learned from the Weightlessness process to keep confident, and everyday went out to work even when I didn’t have anything to do. I repeated the process from training - persevere, stay focused, remain strong, breathe, and improve myself! Shortly after the program life dramatically improved with a new business (and new partners) and a new baby boy - both successes. Without this mind-body structure staying the course would not have been possible, mainly because my personal life had become so complicated so quickly.

If you want that edge in life, then do Weightlessness.

Rich R.

It was wild how everything improved... in less time with more concentrated effort. I started to notice areas in my life that weren't stellar, and going after those areas was a core benefit of taking myself on in life. You gotta trust that you’ll have the mental and physical breakthroughs to be able to do what you want to do. Putting yourself in a program like Weightlessness means you’re taking yourself seriously. It’s a game of integrity, it’s a game of rigor, it’s a game of discipline. If you want that edge in life, then do Weightlessness.

The insights were life-altering.

Morten L.

It was truly awesome. I've been through several tribes, but the insights and growth I experienced in just this last one were considerably more life-altering. The Process is very hard work. The exercises were hard. The meditative practices were hard. And the nutrition really tested me. But I lost 18kgs (40 lbs) in 12 weeks and am in the best shape in twenty years. On the physical side, I ran my first 4-minute kilometer and deadlifted my bodyweight. Further, the insights and self-awareness around meditation were truly transformative for me. I would have never expected my body, mind, and spirit to accomplish it. But... it's not something you do on a holiday, it's a big commitment and you gotta be mentally in it!

I can see the direct connection to showing up in life.

Eryn D.

I just had one of those 'life-punching-you-in-the-face' weeks and employed many of the tools in the Weightlessness tool kit. I'm very grateful for having it, thank you! Choosing not to harbor anger or attachment to certain thoughts is very liberating. I can again see the direct connection to having the physical strength and flexibility (mental and physical) to deal with shit in such a healthy way. I'm also doing my best to pass this on to my daughter.

An Invitation To...

Leaders, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Yogis, Movers and Shakers committed to tapping their full potential.

The Weightlessness Process

12-weeks mind-body transformation

Join a tribe of switched-on individuals hell-bent on personal transformation. You'll learn the essence of mind-body performance, you'll gain a process for limitless growth, you'll test your edges in ways you won't expect, and you'll realize you're stronger than you ever thought. A process you can own for yourself under the close mentorship of two master coaches.

Time for change

There is no better time to invest in yourself. These uncertain times require reflection, reinvention, and momentum to make the changes you've been talking about for years.

Ways You'll Grow

  • You'll Reframe What You Know

    You'll reframe diets, stress, breathing, meditation and the change process itself by drilling down to timeless principles that will give you lifelong insights on performance that apply to everything you do.

  • You'll Get Out Of Your Own Way

    You'll discover space in this moment to change, and access the focus required to make better choices. You'll identify patterns that hold you back, as well as the power within to reinvent yourself.

  • You'll See A Different Version of You

    You'll not only see a different body in the mirror, but sense newfound confidence from learning how to manage your energy, to apply your will, and to adapt rapidly to unexpected events.

Your Coaches

Founder & Head Coach

Tom Fazio

Tom Fazio is a martial artist, a peak performance coach, and the founder of the mind-body integration system Weightlessness. He first discovered Weightlessness for himself in the summer of 2003 while living in the jungle of Phangan Island, Thailand. He's spent the last 15 years innovating, trialing and testing the principles and methodology of Weightlessness with leaders and wellness enthusiasts all around the world.

Partner & Coach

Amena Schlaikjer

Amena is a wellness innovator, somatic coach and partner at Weightlessness. She co-manages the business while cross-legged or practicing the splits – but mostly enjoys coaching participants as she continues to sweat and learn alongside them in tribes. She also runs an innovation micro-agency to design solutions for our collective well-being. A believer of working models, practical tools and fierce adaptation, she combines design thinking with sensing practices while nudging others to make deeper commitments towards more mindful choices.

Do you feel you have untapped potential but don't know how to access it? Do you feel something is holding you back from living with power and grace? Do you want to know how strong you really are?

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